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Art and motor sport. These are two passions which were at the very core of the birth of Street-Art Racing. The idea of combining the two to create Art Cars is one of the specific features of the Belgian team. Here are the Art Cars which have been entered by the team.

“The Head” by Steve Locatelli (2014)

It was written in its name and in its DNA. Almost from the moment the team was founded, Street-Art Racing wanted to demonstrate its links with art. Steve Locatelli was the first to be contacted. The phone call only lasted a short time! He was so enthusiastic that while he was busy working on a piece of art, he left what he was doing and went straight to the studio – still in his painting clothes – to admire the Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4 which he had been commissioned to paint. The Belgian artist used his signature skull and crossbones to produce a piece of work which would never go unnoticed. Steve Locatelli also designed the works which can be seen on the stand panels.

Website: Steve Locatelli

“The Lion” by Arlin Graff (2015)

To train the young drivers, Street-Art Racing prepared a Peugeot RCZ for more affordable competitions. Arlin Graff was asked to decorate the car with a special look. For an artist known for his ability to put animals in motion, the theme was ideal. The Brazilian chose a lion (logical for a Peugeot), which seemed to want to swallow the car’s race number.

Website: Arlin Graff

ASTON Boulanger
“The Creation” by Jérôme Boulanger (2017)

The project was both original and daring: asking first-year art school students to decorate an Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT4. A total of seventy projects were submitted to the jury by the students of ARTS2, the art school in Mons. Jérôme Boulanger won the competition with his work entitled “The Creation”.

Inspired by Michelangelo (M-A) and the Renaissance, Jérôme intertwined the initials of Aston Martin (A and M) by integrating the arm of an Adam (A) and the face of a Mary (M), which he combined with brightly coloured bands. It was an unexpected result, but one which has never gone unnoticed on the racetrack, or in video games (including Gran Turismo) where this particular decoration is always very popular.

Find here the different projects presented

Website: ARTS2

“The Explosion” by Christophe de Fierlant (2022)

Born into a family with strong ties to motorsport, including an uncle who won the 1975 24 Hours of Spa, Christophe de Fierlant is both a racing enthusiast and a Belgian artist with a great deal of momentum.

After decorating his own VW Fun Cup car to compete in the prologue to the 2021 24 Hours of Le Mans, he enthusiastically accepted Street-Art Racing’s offer to decorate the Belgian team’s new Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT3.

The explosion of colour, reminiscent of the Fauvists, is both an explosion of the artist’s career and that of Street-Art Racing, which is taking a new step forward by tackling the GT3 category. Quite a symbol for a car which does not go unnoticed on the track!

Website: Christophe Defierlant

“The Power of Language” by Phil Akashi (2023)

Passionate about languages and their aesthetics, Phil Akashi is also a big fan of Aston Martin. So it was he who approached Street-Art Racing with the idea of designing their new Art Car, a Vantage AMR GT4 named “The Power of Language”, a symbol of power, unity and diversity.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Art Car is intended to convey a message of peace and harmony. The design combines characters from the Chinese language with characters from the Dongba script, which is used by the Naxi ethnic minority in Yunnan province, and which has the particular characteristic of being the last pictographic script still used in the world.
Transposed onto the race car, the result is as colourful as it is attractive!

Phil Akashi website: