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Pascal Bachmann

Date of birth: 7 July 1966

Nationality: Swiss

Champion Am Cup in the GT4 European Series in 2019

He is a key figure in Street-Art Racing. An eclectic driver, attracted to both the track and rallying, Pascal Bachmann has been a member of the Street-Art Racing family since 2018. After winning the Am Cup in the GT4 European Series, he took on a new challenge by competing in the International GT Open in the Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT3.

Julien Darras

Date of birth: 11 January 1998

Nationality: French

Professional driver and licensed coach

He has been associated with Street-Art Racing since 2017. After having been one of the many young people supported by the Belgian structure, Julien Darras decided to become a professional coach. He followed an official training course in France and holds a BPJEPS certificate. Julien is now the ideal companion with whom to form a Pro-Am crew as he can offer both his speed and his advice to team members as they progress.

Jahid Fazal-Karim

Date of birth: 21 April 1969

Nationality: French

An ambitious beginner

With his company, Jetcraft, he has been a partner of Street-Art Racing since 2018. He is the perfect example of an amateur driver – in the best sense of the word – with a desire to invest and progress in motorsport. After being coached by Julien Darras, he started racing in 2022 with Julien as his teammate and the Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT4 as his mount.

They also drove in GT4 at Street-Art:

Team Members

The competition is uncompromising, without mercy. Excellence must be constantly sought. A racing team is therefore a group of individuals who, when combined, must perform better than the sum of their parts.

Street-Art Racing is a team, but also a big family. It is a family where we know how to mix rigour, notably in the training of the drivers, and the benevolence of a good father who wants the best for his children. And it is this balance which makes Street-Art Racing a team apart.

Albert Bloem

He is the CEO and Team Principal of Street-Art Racing. Without him, the team would never have seen the light of day. In addition to his professional activities in aviation, he wanted to devote time to his second passion: motorsport. Initially a driver, he became enthusiastic when he saw his team climb the ranks while maintaining its strong values. Among these values which Albert likes to defend, there is the training of young people (drivers, engineers, mechanics and so on) which is particularly important to him.

Damien Hellebuyck

A partner of Albert in Street-Art Racing, Damien Hellebuyck is the team manager and therefore the conductor of the orchestra. If everyone plays their part to perfection, the results will follow. Supervision of the technical aspect, management of the logistics, relations with the drivers… the tasks of a Team Manager are extremely varied.

Matty Driesen

He is the race engineer for Street-Art Racing. Matty Driesen was already working for the team while finishing his studies. The Dutchman has remained loyal to the Belgian team and is looking forward to working with them on their new challenges. As a sign of the close relationship between Street-Art Racing and Aston Martin Racing, Matty works closely with AMR engineer Hayden Nigh.

Germain Donnay

His Aston Martin Vantages are more than just cars to him. They are his partners, his confidants. In the workshop, he takes care of them like the apple of his eye. Germain Donnay is the chief mechanic of Street-Art Racing. Meticulous and serious, he transmits his love of mechanics to the jewels with which he is entrusted.

Michael Berben

Michael Berben, known as Mickey, is one of the mechanics who reinforce the Street-Art Racing team at events. He never lacks motivation and his experience as an amateur driver is an advantage in understanding the race itself.

Myriam Hauterat

A woman as a truck driver is not that common. But Mimy is what they call the “Truckie” in the business. You would like to know a secret? She is even the “Chief Truckie”, managing both the team’s trucks and the various drivers who are sometimes called in as reinforcements. Do not even dare to bring your dirty shoes into her truck, as you might regret it! At races, Mimy provides countless services to the team.

Patrick Bovy

His experience in motorsport is colossal! Patrick Bovy has worked on almost every race car, both on the circuit and in rallies. As a free-lance mechanic, Patrick is a valuable addition to the team and plays a key role in the training of its younger members. He already enjoyed looking after the team’s Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT4s. The arrival of a GT3 version has added to his motivation.

Dylan Vandamme

Dylan is one of the long-time mechanics of Street-Art Racing. Since 2018, he has shared the joys and sorrows of the Belgian team. The long nights of work as well as the happiness of seeing the team’s drivers on the podium. He is a passionate person who is an integral part of the family.


Since the beginning, Street-Art Racing has always wanted to make the training of young people one of its priorities. Drivers, but also engineers and mechanics! So the team collaborates with various universities and colleges to take trainees under its wing. Whether their name is Agathe, Louis or Alexandre, they have all learned a lot from the Street-Art Racing team. Because everyone will tell you: there is no school more ruthless than the school of competition!

Louis Genevrois

Born in the year 2000, Louis Genevrois gained a passion for Formula 1 at an early age and then quickly extended his love of motor sport to 24-hour events. It was through simulation (Sim Racing) that he fell in love with GT racing. After watching many virtual races, he decided to devote his life to the real thing by gaining a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering.
This former trainee was so convincing that he was hired in 2022!


  • 2017: Champion Am Cup in the GT4 European Series (Jérôme Demay)
  • 2019 : Champion Am Cup in the GT4 European Series (Pascal Bachmann and Clément Seyler) and 3rd in the Team Classification